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The Richmond Weekday League is a USTA Adult tennis league for women that includes 4 leagues covering the following age groups: 

18 & Over

40 & Over

55 & Over

65 & Over. 


 The following 40 & Over flight winners will attend Regionals Aug. 25-27:
3.0:  Westwood Watkins
3.5:  Woodlake Kelly and Willow Oaks Gutenberger
4.0:  Westwood Towler and CCV Avery
4.5+:  ACAC LaFors 
18 & Over Sectional attendee:
CCV Avery (4.0)
The following 18 & Over teams will attend Regionals on the weekends of July 14-16 (3.0 and 4.0) and July 28-30 (2.5, 3.5, and 4.5):
2.5:  Willow Oaks Garnett
3.0:  Dominion McCormick and Willow Oaks Urquhart
3.5:  Hermitage Faraci, Raintree Reed, and Salisbury Andrews
4.0:  ACAC Haverty and CCV Avery
4.5:  RCC Fratkin 

Winners for the 65 & Over League:
6.0:  ACAC Bailey
7.0:  Raintree McKenzie 
They will attend Sectionals in September. 


The 55 & Over League is currently underway.  Winners will be announced as the league ends.

Ladies Doubles tournament for young professionals ages 18-39. Levels 2.5-5.0. 

Sat., Oct. 14th at MAC. 

For more details, go to and look for tournaments.


Other Richmond USTA Coordinators, contact information, websites, and leagues:

Patty and Stone Smith 

Adult 18 & Over Weekend (men and women)

Adult 18 & Over Weeknight (men)

Mixed 40 & Over

Adult 55 & Over (men)

Combo Doubles

Combo Mixed Doubles


Sandra Mason

Adult 65 & Over (men)

Mixed 55 & Over

Mixed 65 & Over



Flexible format 4.5+

Combo Mixed 18-39


Matt Campbell

Mixed 18 & Over (Winter Mixed) 
















Click on the documents at the bottom of this page to find dates and deadlines for all Weekday Leagues, as well as information about TennisLInk registration for 2017, NTRP and self-rating.










The first document listed below gives the important documents and information that captains will need for reference during registration, the captain's meeting, and throughout the league season.  Print the list, then print each document on the list for your captain's folder.  Bring them to your league's captain's meeting, and carry them with you to all league matches this year in case questions arise. 
















Documents for Reference for Captains 2017

Richmond Weekday League Dates and Deadlines 2017

2017 Richmond Weekday League Overview

Dynamic NTRP and Self-Rating 2017

TennisLink Team and Player Registration 2017

2017 Team RegistrationForm